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Why Yoleen the Pet Sitter?

Having the right pet sitter can give you freedom and peace of mind. 

My schedule revolves around your pets in your home.   You and I will tailor services to your pets' needs, comfort, and happiness.

I'm experienced with special needs such as diabetic care, and geriatric care. These are conditions I've lived with in my own home with my own pets.

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Warm, Reliable, Trustworthy.

I pet sit because I love critters.  Yes, we all often rely on neighbors to take care of things when we are away, but when neighbors are unavailable, you can rely on me.  I make my schedule around your pets, not the other way around. I'll work out a schedule with you so your pets' routine can stick to as normal as possible to reduce thieir stress level.  I am licensed, insured, and bonded.

My fees are flat, time based.  We'll schedule enough time to take care of your pet, pack, pride, or menagerie.  I don't believe pet care should get more expensive as you add to your crew or as pets age and their needs change.