Contact Us:  541.633.9637
  • Feeding

    Once daily, twice daily, or every few days; whatever your needs are.

    $15.00 per half hour visit. Once walking, feeding and chores are done, all extra time is spent playing, grooming, and just being together.

  • Medication, Diabetic Care, and Aging Pets

    Pets with medical needs will take priority in scheduling.

    My dear Missy, the flatcoated retriever, was diabetic for six years before she died at the age of 13.  The key to her success was strict adherance to feeding and insulin injections every 12  hours...not twice a day, but EVERY 12 hours.  If  Your pet is diabetic, I come to serve you with a full understanding of the needs and challenges that come with diabetes. If your pet has time sensitive meds, I will be there for them.

    Through my years of living with cats & dogs, we've faced various medical issues and aging issues. I know how difficult and emotional the aging and dying process is. Knowing that a fragile animal is being cared for when you are called away is something I can offer you.  Fees for these services are the same as feeding and exercise, $15.00 per half hour.

  • Walks and Excercise

    Dogs love their walks! Onleash or offleash, around the neighborhood, in the dog parks, or in the woods. 

    $15.00 per half hour, including travel time.

  • Afternoon or Evening Out

    If you are vacationing in Bend, just moved to a new and unfamiliar location, or have a new pet who has separation anxiety, I can spend an afternoon or evening with your pet so you can get away to work, play or run errands.  Negotiable rates, $25 minimum.

  • Companionship

    Pets need companionship! They get lonely!  Each visit will be the full amount of time decided on, at a minimum.

  • Overnights

    A 12 hour overnight is $75, and includes morning & evening services (feeding, medication, excercise).  I have a gentle, non-dominant, social 10.y.o. border collie who assists me on overninghts.